FOP Falsely Claims Mayor Responsible for City Manager Severance Package. Guess Who Was?

Spoiler Alert: Four Republican-leaning council members. Of course, the misnamed Friends of Puyallup PAC of warehouse developers are laying the cost of the severance package at the feet of council member John Palmer, who is currently taking his turn as mayor. In Puyallup, the mayor is a just a facilitator role passed every two years from one council member to the next .

The real story actually goes back to the council members that FOP supports who attempted to change our form of government to create a “strong” mayor system. Their actions caused the manager’s resignation, forcing the contractual severance package. If it had been up to the mayor, the city manager would still be here, doing his job at less cost to taxpayers.

Palmer, along with Julie Door and Robin Farris, all known as centrists who lean toward the Democrats, supported the erstwhile city manager. Earlier this summer, the last hold-out for firing the city manager caved to the demands of Republican-leaning council members. It was their executive session negotiation process that left Puyallup taxpayers with the bill, as the misnamed Friends of Puyallup PAC describes on their Facebook page…

“That is how much Puyallup’s ex-city manager will make over the next year for not working.

“Earlier this year, the city council agreed to a generous severance package with the disgraced (untrue) city employee after claims he was responsible for many of the city’s woes, including the bungled contract on the 39th Avenue project that led to expensive lawsuits.” (not lawsuits; just a renegotiated contract)

“Mayor Palmer still praised the city manager, even after previous efforts to remove him, by saying, ‘Mr. Yamamoto has had an excellent tenure here…'”

“Kevin Yamamoto was the fifth city manager in 12 years. The position oversees much of the day-to-day government administration for the city.

“This is just another example of how poor management from our city officials have cost the taxpayers too much. The people of Puyallup deserve leaders who are accountable and transparent.

“The council permanently increased utility rates for what they said would go toward basic infrastructure… (italics original and, by the way, it is going to basic infrastructure) But it’s getting more and more clear – $10 million (untrue – get the facts on the exact lower number) wasted in lawsuits and almost another quarter million blown for the ex-city manager – that the city doesn’t have enough money because the city is mismanaging taxpayer dollars.

“We cannot afford another term of the status quo.”

The last statement is telling, and the most truthful thing they said in their post: they cannot afford another term without building their warehouses. The false blame is meant to distract Puyallup voters from the PAC’s real mission: get rid of Palmer and other council members who stand in the way of their warehouses.

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