Did you see the attack mailer FOP sent on John Palmer? Here’s our fact-check.

How it’s done: A group of local developers and lobbyists partner with an out-of-state developer. They form a Political Action Committee, calling it “Friends
of Puyallup” and start a smear campaign against standing members of the city council who are resisting warehouse development of farmland…

Claim: Supported a dramatic and permanent increase in water and utility rates.
Fact: Not dramatic, but a gradual increase to update sewer and 100 year old water pipes. Herrera could never lower rates because it would mean cutting service.

Claim: Supported closing Shaw Road for months creating massive congestion problems for Puyallup residents.
Fact: All council members voted in favor of the Shaw Road project. Hello: all road projects divert traffic and cause extra congestion while underway.

Claim: Supported and lead the decision to give a $220,000 severance package to the City Manager after he resigned.
Fact: The fault of Herrera’s Republican council friends forcing all council members into the severance package. Palmer voted against firing.

Claim: Was responsible with other members of the Council for $10 million dollars (sic) in losing lawsuits approved by the Council.
Fact: Forgot to put the “.” between the 1 and 0. Four successive councils are responsible for combined total of over $1 million in lost legal pursuits.

Claim: Opposed to petition to make the Mayor an elected position instead of an appointed position by the Council.
Fact: In Puyallup, the mayor is just a facilitator role the council members rotate through. We have a “council-manager” form of government, where the “mayor” is equal to every other council member. Palmer will be a regular member again next year. Republicans started an initiative last winter to change our system into a “strong mayor” that only got a couple hundred signatures of 5,000 needed. Council chambers were packed with citizens speaking in opposition to this power grab.

Claim: Strong supporter of red light cameras. Puyallup is one of the leading cities in America for fines and fees, with asterisk referencing www.governing.com/finance/fine-fee-revenues-special-report.html which goes nowhere. After extensive search, no information on this topic is found on www.governing.com.
Question: Herrera is a police officer, and how did they find out he doesn’t support if they aren’t illegally colluding with him? We can’t find where he takes a stand on this or any issue on website. Let us know if we are missing something.

Claim: Voted to spend $19,000 on rickshaw (misspelled and misnamed, see below) with tax dollars (redundant).
Facts, Question & Concerns: Actually two Triobikes – cab-style electric bikes from Copenhagen and they are based at the Puyallup Senior Center, also for downtown tourism development. Questions & Concerns: Um, see next blog post where we tackle this doosy.

If the reader can offer original-source facts to improve this article, please email us.

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